Two Shallow Satsuma Plates - Shoko Takebe - Meiji Period

Satsuma Plate Close-up

Two shallow plates by the elusive Satsuma virtuoso, Shoko Takebe. The one on the right shows a peace-time subject with attendants pulling a massive two-tiered cart, samurai officials within. On the wartime plate, parading samurai, some on foot, some on horseback, bear a silk-draped palanquin with daimyo inside. The use of color, gilt and infinitesimal detail conveys a jewel-like radiance, rare on other soft-paste wares. Gilt-seal signatures on reverse of both plates: Shoko Takebe in katakana together with Thomas B. Blow in kanji. Diameters, 8.5". Meiji Period.
N.B. For similar works, see “The Baur Collection”, Geneva, by John Ayers. “The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Japanese Art, Volume V, Part II, #146.